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BEAUTY Herbal Tea Gift Package 「美顏」花果茶禮組 (Rose 玫瑰花, Jasmine 茉莉花, Jujube 紅棗)

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Premium Flower Fruit Herbal Tea Gift Package for Maintaining Beauty

美容養顏 頂級花果茶禮組

1. Rose 玫瑰花 60g | Soothe the Liver, Relieve Qi Stagnation, Maintain Beauty, Promote Blood Circulation 疏肝解鬱 美顏活血

2. Jasmine 茉莉花 35g | Refreshing, Relieve Depression, Clear the Eyes, Maintain Beauty 提神抗鬱 明目美顏

3. Jujube 紅棗 100g | Nourish Blood, Maintain Beauty, Augment Qi, Promote Fluid 養血美顏 補氣生津

(Free Non-woven Gift Bag included)

Made in China