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IMMUNITY Herbal Tea Gift Package 「免疫」花果茶禮組 (Kumquat 金桔, Chrysanthemum 胎菊王, Black Mulberry 黑桑椹)

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Premium Flower Fruit Herbal Tea Gift Package for Boosting Immunity

增強免疫 頂級花果茶禮組

1. Kumquat 金桔 100g | Expel Phlegm, Stop Coughs, Boost Immunity 化痰止咳 促進免疫

2. Chrysanthemum 胎菊王 45g | Nourish the Liver, Soothe the Throat, Dispell Wind and Heat 養肝潤喉 疏散風熱

3. Black Mulberry 黑桑椹 150g | Tonify Kidney Yin, Moisten Dryness, Boost Immunity 滋腎潤燥 促進免疫

(Free Non-woven Gift Bag included)

Made in China