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EYESIGHT Herbal Tea Gift Package 「明目」花果茶禮組 (Kunlun Snow Daisy 崑崙雪菊, Black Wolfberry 黑枸杞 , Longan 桂圓)

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Premium Flower Fruit Herbal Tea Gift Package for Improving Eyesight

明目養肝 頂級花果茶禮組

1. Kunlun Snow Daisy 崑崙雪菊 50g | Soothe the Liver, Clear the Eyes, Soften Blood Vessels 清肝明目 軟化血管

2. Black Wolfberry 黑枸杞 100g | Tonify Yin, Clear the Eyes, Manage the Three Highs 滋陰明目 調節三高

3. Longan 桂圓 150g | Nourish Blood, Invigorate the Brain, Promote Circulation 養血健腦 促進循環

(Free Non-woven Gift Bag included)

Made in China