TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) THEORY BEHIND OUR NATURAL HERB 



Tongue Types Reflect Health Conditions

Health conditions could be observed by monitoring changes of tongue shapes, colors, and coating quality and colors, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine Theories. One person's tongue type could be a combination of several types.

Qi, Blood, Yin, and Yang in the context of Tongue Types are Vital Energies & Essences in human bodies for maintaining life.

Qi is life force flows through meridians; Blood is the liquid life force of the body, and its key proponent is nourishment. When Qi and Blood are deficient or stagnated, health problems may happen. 

Yang Deficiency means Qi is too low to generate enough body heat so that the body feels cold; Yin Deficiency means Blood is too low to balance body temperature and hence the body feels hot. 

Qi, Blood, Yin, and Yang are key factors for health condition analysis and improvement. Resolving the common issues in these factors for modern constitutions is one of our foundations in developing our formula that can apply to wide health needs.


Natural Formulas For Various Tonque Types

There are symptoms associated with (but not necessary or limit to) each tongue type. 

For example, a Red Tongue With Little or No Coating means there is Yin Deficiency in the body; hot flashes or night sweats may occur, so TONIFYING Vital Essences and Energies would be helpful for improving health conditions. 

A Pale Swollen Tongue With Thick White Coating means there is Yang Deficiency in the body; lower back soreness, pain, or aversion to cold may occur, so STRENGTHENING joints/bones/muscles would be helpful for mobility.

A Red Tongue With Greasy Yellow Coating means there is Damp Heat in the body; body fluids are dried up by heat and constipation may occur. SMOOTHING the path that heat is stuck (such as removing stagnation/stasis and improving bowel movement) would be helpful.

A Swollen Tongue With White Greasy Coating means there is Damp Retention in the body, which means there may be undesired dampness in the body. EXPELLING dampness would be helpful.

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Circular Motions

Since ancient time when there was little medical knowledge about human organs and diseases, people have known very sophisticated principles for applying herbs to improve health conditions. Circular Motions is one core theory that explains how the five internal organs work cohesively to maintain heath.

The five organs coordinate like a wheel with Spleen at the wheel center rotating vital energy and essence like EARTH governing the nutrition for growth. While Liver at the left side ascending vital energy and essence like WOOD governing the generating of growth. Heart at the above of the wheel floating vital energy and essence like FIRE governing the heat source of growth. Lung at the right side of the wheel desending like METAL governing the collecting of heat to warm the body. Kidney at the below of the wheel sinking like WATER governing the storing of heat for the next round of growth. When a part of the Circular Motions is stuck or deficient, the growth and heat distribution is blocked and heath is impacted.  



Five Elements

Each internal organs interact with one another. The doctrine of five phases describes two cycles, a Supporting cycle, also known as "mother-son", and an Controlling cycle, also known as "grandfather-grandson", of interactions between the phases.

The effects of these two main relations are further elaborated: 

  1. Inter-promoting (Supporting): the effect in the generating cycle. 
  2. Weakening: the effect in a deficient generating. 
  3. Inter-regulating (Controlling): the effect in the overcoming cycle. 
  4. Overacting: the effect in an excessive overcoming cycle. 
  5. Counteracting: the effect in a deficient overcoming cycle.

For example: 

  1. WOOD feeds (promotes) FIRE. 
  2. FIRE burns (weakens) WOOD. 
  3. WATER dampens (regulates) FIRE. 
  4. WATER extinguishes (overacts) FIRE. 
  5. FIRE evaporates (counteracts) WATER.
When one organ acts too strongly or too weakly, it impacts the other four organs through the five phase interactions. Circular Motions and Five Elements theories have been proven to work for thousands of years. Our formulas are also developed for enhancing health circular motions and five element interactions.