Ancient Wisdom Behind Our Formulas

Our Natural Dietary Supplement formulas are built on Ancient Wisdom that has been proven to work for thousands of years, and have been adjusted to meet the most essential needs of present body constituions.

Based on Ancient Wisdom, health conditions could be observed by monitoring changes of tonque shapes, colors, and coating thickness and colors, in terms of Qi, Blood, Yin, and Yang. (See ABOUT page for more info.) When Qi, Blood, Yin, and Yang are defficient or stagnated, health problems may happen. Balancing and Tonifying Qi, Blood, Yin, and Yang are essential for health improvement, which is one of our foundations in developing our Dietary Supplement.

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Premium Natural Ingredients, Made by FDA Registered GMP Facilities

Full Herb Efficacy Captured By Standardized Concentrate Process


My long term constipation is relieved and my metabolism is increased after taking SMOOTHING regularly. I feel my Damp-Heat body constitution is resolved and my mouth sore occurence is reduced a lot after taking TONIFYING for a few weeks. . . . . . [Carl]

My sleep quality is improved significantly after taking SMOOTHING and TONIFYING together for a while. I feel I have better energy and emotional stability, and I have better appetite, glower skin, and fresher complexion than before. . . . . . [Jane]

I have taken SMOOTHING for a few weeks. I can feel the calmness taking over me when I take it. It smoothes the Tension feelings of my body and thus lowers my stress levels. . . . . . [Jeff]

Taking SMOOTHING, I feel relief in my head/back heat and skin itching. My heart feels more calm. . . . . . [Linda]

I feel more energetic after taking SMOOTHING. . . . . . [Jane]

After taking SMOOTHING for a few months, I feel more relaxed and joyful than before. My long term difficulty in falling asleep, my sleep quality, and my bitter taste in mouth after getting up in the morning are all improved significantly. . . . . . [Veronica]

My bowel movement and sleeplessness issues are improved after taking SMOOTHING. . . . . . [Maggie]

After taking DEFENDING for one week, I feel more comfortable in breathing, and I can inhale more deeperly and smoothly. . . . . . [Rainbow]

My frequent urination at night is improved after taking STRENGTHENING for one month. . . . . . [Janet]

I feel my lower back soreness is eased by taking STRENGTHENING. . . . . . [Betty]

After taking EXPELLING for two weeks , I started to be able to sleep through the night , and I also feel less groggy throughout the day. . . . . . [Sarah]

I feel my leg swelling and pain (due to swelling) are reduced after taking EXPELLING for a few weeks. . . . . . [Joanna]

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