• DEFENDING | 表裡雙解 清冠加強方

    DEFENDING formula, based on Taiwan famous Covid-19 formula "NRICM101", which has been exported to five continents over 50 countries, adding more herbs to address more aspects, can apply to dizziness, cough, chest tightness, shortness of breath, weakness, Long COVID, etc.

    「DEFENDING」 配方針對疫情和流感,於台灣外銷五大洲50餘國的「清冠一號」,添加兼顧更多層面的抗疫成分,適應於頭暈、咳嗽、胸悶、氣短、虛弱乏力、後遺症遷延不癒等更廣範圍。

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  • TONIFYING | 滋陰降火 美麗更年方

    TONIFYING formula, for menopausal syndromes, contains ingredients to tonify yin, nourish blood, promote blood circulation, and cool blood in various aspects, suitable for symptoms caused by yin deficiency such as hot flashes, night sweats, irritability, agitation, sleep disturbance, etc.

    「TONIFYING」 配方針對更年期症候群,包含了顧及各層面的滋陰、補血、活血、涼血等成分,適應於潮熱、盜汗、煩燥易怒、情緒波動、睡眠障礙等陰虛所致之症狀。

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    Our ADD/ADHD Research applies herb formulas to improving inattention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity of kids with ADD or ADHD.

  • Tonque Types Reflect Health Conditions

    Health conditions could be observed by monitoring changes of tonque shapes, colors, and coating thickness and colors, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine Theories. One person's tonque type could be a combination of several types.

    Qi, Blood, Yin, and Yang are Vital Energies and Essences in human bodies for maintaining life.

    Qi is life force flows through meridians; Blood is the liquid life force of the body, and its key proponent is nourishment. When Qi and Blood are defficient or stagnated, health problems may happen. 

    Yang Deficiency means Qi is too low to generate enough body heat so that the body feels cold; Yin Deficiency means Blood is too low to balance body temperature and hence the body feels hot. 

    Qi, Blood, Yin, and Yang are key factors for health condition analysis and improvement, which is one of our foundations in developing our Natural Dietary Supplement.

HerbArk Brand Vision

HerbArk dedicates in developing TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) health products that fit modern consititutions, apply to wide health needs, and meet premium quality criteria.

HerbArk also provide Herb Clinic (ONLINE) and Acupuncture (San Jose in the Bay Area).

HerbArk 致力於研發適合現代人體質、廣適眾效、高品質的中藥保健品。

並提供線上問診開方、針灸 (灣區聖荷西) 等服務。